Games by EPYX – Automated Simulations

  • Starfleet Orion – 1978 – any platform – disk release preferred
  • Rogue – 1980 – Aritificial Intelligence Design Systems release
  • Fore! –  1982 – manual only

Games by Sir-Tech

  • Star Maze – 1982 – any platform
  • Rescue Raiders – 1984 – Apple II

Games by Avalon Hill

  • Beast War – 1984 – Apple II
  • Incunabula – 1984 – PC DOS
  • Pro Manager – 1984 – PC DOS
  • Darkhorn: Realm of the Warlords – 1985 – Apple II or CBM C64
  • RAM! – 1985 – PC DOS
  • Mac Pro Football – 1986 – Macintosh

„Die verlassene Burg“ – Apple II release

„Icon: The Quest for the Ring“ by Macrocom – 1984 – PC DOS

„Jane’s Combat Simulations: F-15“ Officers Edition – 1998 – PC Windows

„Monkey Business“ by The Other Valley Software – Atari ST or CBM Amiga

„Destiny“ by Software Investments – 1985 – Apple II or CBM C64

10th Frame 1986 Access Software 8-Bit
Absolute Zero 1995 Domark PC DOS
Accross the Rhine 1995 MicroProse PC DOS
Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress 1985 Activision 8-Bit
Alpha Storm 1997 Psygnosis PC DOS
Amazon: Guardians of Eden 1992 Access Software PC DOS
American Football 1984 Mind Games C64
Ancient Glory 1993 Big Red Computer Club Apple IIGS
Bargon Attack 1992 Coktel Vision PC DOS
Battle of Britain 1999 Talonsoft PC DOS
Beyond Shadowgate 1993 ICOM Turbografx-16
Birthright 1996 Sierra PC DOS
Blast Radius 1999 Psygnosis PS1
Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Comet 1993 Infogrames PC DOS
Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon 1997 Take-Two Interactive PC DOS
Castle of the Winds II: Lifthransirs Bane 1994 Monkey Business PC DOS
Circuits‘ Edge 1990 Infocom PC DOS
Coil Cop 1987 Epyx 8-Bit
Corporation 1988 Activision C64
Countdown 1990 Access Software PC DOS
Countdown to Shutdown 1984 Creative Sparks Apple II
Crime Wave 1990 Access Software PC DOS
Curse of Dragor 1995 Domark Macintosh
CyberMage 1995 Electronic Arts PC DOS
D&D: Warriors of the Eternal Sun 1992 SEGA Genesis
Darker 1995 Psygnosis PC DOS
Daryl F.Gates Police Quest:SWAT 1995 Sierra PC DOS
Deadline 1996 Nova Spring PC DOS
Deathtrack 1989 Activision PC DOS
Deus Ex Machina 1986 Andromeda C64
Dink Smallwood 1998 Funsoft PC DOS
Disciples of Steel 1991 Megasoft Entertainment PC DOS
Dungeon Hack 1993 SSI PC DOS
Earth & Beyond 2002 Electronic Arts PC DOS
Enchanted Scepters 1984 Silicon Beach Macintosh
Endzone 1987 Alternative Software C64
EXILE 1988 Telenet Japan any
F-14 Tomcat 1990 Activision PC DOS
Falcon A.T. 1988 Spectrum Holobyte PC DOS
Flash Traffic 1994 Tsunami Media PC DOS
Fore! 1982 Epyx Apple II
Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist 1993 Sierra PC DOS
Heavy Metal 1988 Access Software 8-Bit
Intrigue! 1986 Spectrum Holobyte Apple II
Kingdom II: Shadoan 1996 Interplay PC DOS
Knight Moves 1995 Spectrum Holobyte PC DOS
Knightmare 1987 Activision 8-Bit
Lander 1999 Psygnosis PC DOS
Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2 1992 Activision PC DOS
Legend of Kyrandia: Book 3 1994 Vigin Games PC DOS
Lunar Explorer 1986 Spectrum Holobyte Apple II
Mac Pro Football 1986 Avalon Hill Macintosh
Mars Saga 1988 Electronic Arts 8-Bit
Martian Memorandum 1991 Access Software PC DOS
Master of the Lamps 1985 Activision 8-Bit
Mechwarrior 1989 Activision PC DOS
Metal Fatigue 2000 Talonsoft PC DOS
Microleague Football 2 1992 Micro Sports PC DOS
Moraff’s World 1991 Moraffware PC DOS
Muppet Treasure Island 1996 Activision PC DOS
Murder on the Mississipi 1986 Activision Apple II
Name Jahr Publisher System
Neutral Zone 1983 Access Software C64
New Centurions – Macintosh 2001 Fantasoft Macintosh
NFL 1992 Konami PC DOS
NFL Challenge 1985 XOR Corporation PC DOS
NFL Pro League Football 1989 Micro Sports PC DOS
NFL Pro League Football PC DOS
Ocean Ranger 1988 Activision PC DOS
On Field Football 1985 Gamestar C64
Orbiter 1986 Spectrum Holobyte PC DOS
Order of the Griffon 1992 Turbo Technologies Turbografx-16
Out of the Sun 1994 Domark Macintosh
Pirates: The Legends of Black Kat 2002 Electronic Arts PS2
Plazma Ball 1992 Flair Software C64
Police Quest: Open Season 1993 Sierra PC DOS
Prophecy I: The Fall of Trinadon 1989 Activision PC DOS
Pyrotechnica 1995 Psygnosis PC DOS
Realmz 1994 Fantasoft PC DOS
Return of the Phantom 1993 MicroProse PC DOS
Santa Fe Mysteries: Sacred Ground 1997 Activision PC DOS
Santa Fe Mysteries: The Elk Moon Murder 1996 Activision PC DOS
Shanghai II: Dragon’s Eye 1990 Activision PC DOS
Shipwreckers! 1997 Psygnosis PC DOS
Silverload 1995 Psygnosis PC DOS
Star Trek: The Next Generation – Future’s Past 1994 Spectrum Holobyte SNES
Street Football 1985 Bally Sente PC DOS
Strife 1996 Velocity PC DOS
Stunt Driver 1990 Spectrum Holobyte PC DOS
Super Cycle 1986 Epyx 8-Bit
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2003 Atari Inc PS2
Tex Murphy: Overseer 1998 Access Software PC DOS
The Big Red Adventure 1996 Dynabyte PC DOS
The City of Lost Children 1997 Psygnosis PC DOS
The Dark Half 1993 Capstone PC DOS
The Faery Tale Adventure II – Halls of the Dead 1997 Encore PC DOS
The Feeble Files 1997 Adventuresoft PC DOS
The Gene Machine 1996 Vic tokai PC DOS
The Great American Cross Country Road Race 1985 Activision 8-Bit
The Manhole 1988 Prolog Software PC DOS
The Pandora Directive 1996 Access Software PC DOS
The Tracer Sanction 1985 Activision Apple II
The Transformers: Battle to Save the Earth 1986 Activision C64
Tombs & Treasure 1991 Infocom NES
Tongue of the Fatman 1989 Activision PC DOS
Top Gun: Fire at Will 1996 MicroProse PC DOS
Touche: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer 1995 Clipper Software PC DOS
Under a Killing Moon 1994 Access Software PC DOS
Unnecessary Roughness 1994 Accolade PC DOS
Vette! 1989 Spectrum Holobyte PC DOS
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne 2003 Blizzard PC DOS
WarCraft: Orcs & Humans 1994 Blizzard PC DOS
Web Dimension 1985 Activision C64
Wings of Destiny 2000 Psygnosis PC DOS
Witchhaven II: Blood Vengeance 1996 Intracorp PC DOS
Young Merlin 1993 Vigin Games SNES
Zig-Zag 1987 Spectrum Holobyte C64
Dracula unleashed 1993 ICOM PC DOS
Bureau 13 1995 Gametek PC DOS
Future Dimension 1995 Lifetimes PC DOS
Gaziollionaire 1996 Spectrum Holobyte PC DOS
Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller 1994 Gametek PC DOS
Inordinate Desire 1995 Black Legend PC DOS
Jewels of the Oracle 1995 Discis PC DOS
Jump Raven 1994 Paramount Interactive PC DOS
Live Action Football 1994 Accolade PC DOS
Lost Eden 1995 Virgin PC DOS
Lost Signals 1995 BMG Interactive PC DOS
Maabus 1995 Microforum PC DOS
Metaltech: Earth Siege 1994 Sierra PC DOS
Metaltech: Battledrome 1995 Sierra PC DOS
Microsoft Space Simulator 1995 Microsoft PC DOS
Gex 1995 Microsoft PC DOS
Dust: A Tale of the West 1995 BMG Interactive PC DOS
NCAA 2: Road to the final Four 1994 Bethesda PC DOS
Voyeur 1993 Interplay PC DOS

exclusive Games for Apple II GS

2088: The Cryllan Mission Victory Software 1989
Gate Seven Hills Software Corporation 1991
Monte Carlo PBI software 1987
Sea Strike PBI software 1987
As the Link Turns: Operation Bug Rogue Systems 1988
Bouncing Bluster Fantasia Entertainment Software 1989
Gnarly Golf Fanfare 1989
Great Western Shootout Fanfare 1989
Laser Force Britannica Software 1989
Orbizone Pangea Software Inc 1989
Cosmocade Pangea Software Inc 1990
Milestones 2000 Reliefware 1990
One Arm Battle Reliefware 1990
Plunder! Reliefware 1990
Space Cluster Miami Software 1990
Space Shark Toolbox Mag 1990
Tarot Toolbox Mag 1990
Task Force Fanfare 1990
Fun Columns Toolbox Mag 1991
Hover Blade MCX 1991
Quest for the Hoard Pegasoft 1991
The Secret of Bharas Victory Software 1991
Sensei Toolbox Mag 1991
Dueltris Dreamworld Systems 1992
Mazer II Big Red Computer club 1992
Space Fox Seven Hills Software Corporation 1992
Ancient Glory Big Red Computer club 1993